Age/Old Questions:  A Geriatrician’s Guide to Aging
What’s Normal, What’s Not, and What You Can DO
Part 1:   Aging 101

1.   It’s Only Aging: Get a Grip! 

2.   Seventy-five isn’t Fifty (and 50 wasn’t 25) 

3.   Medication Effects, or Why you Become a Cheaper Drunk as You Age 

4.   An Ounce of Prevention 

5.   What Really Matters: Difficult Discussions and Decisions

  • Do I need to leave my home?

  • Should I retire from driving?

  • Do I need to do everything my doctors advise?

  • If I’m unable to make decisions for myself, who will make them for me? Will they do what I want done?

Part 2:   My Patient’s Top Concerns

6.    Mind Matters

7.    Energy cycles 

8.    Ups and Downs

9.    Balancing acts

10. Sleepy-time 

11. Urine Trouble

12. All Eyes and Ears

13. Aches and Pains 

14. Gut Feelings

15. Weighing In

16. Sexual Activities